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I love discovering new authors, so I wanted to my blog to be a place where readers and my author pals could come together. Only we like to do this Speed-Dating style. Check out a new author and her work here every Wednesday, and if the spark is there, you’ll have a match.

This week’s guest: Gina Conkle


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15 Questions

1. If you were a My Little Pony character, what image would be tattooed on your butt?

A heart with a banner reading “sweet” across the middle.

2. What was genre of the first piece you can remember writing, and how old were you when you penned this masterpiece?

A dystopian story titled “The Girl Who Stopped World War III.” I was in 5th grade.

3. Since all of November authors are Americans, name some dishes that are must-haves for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Mashed potatoes, pies (peach, Dutch apple, and pecan).

4. If you could write a novel containing any generally “off-limits” element, what would we find in your story?

This is too funny! I’m putting the finishing touches on my “off-limits” story (The Proper Care and Feeding of a Broken Heart). A few months ago I gave myself permission to write this no-holds barred contemporary romance with profanity and off-the-charts sex. It releases in December, part of a “Kissables” series.

5.  Project Runway or Designated Survivor?

 Neither. Except for Fixer Upper‘ and Flip or Flop, I avoid reality TV.

6. Is social media a bad habit for you, and, if so, what is your favorite time drain?

Oh time suck, thy name is Pinterest!

7. With no money limit, if you could construct the most perfect writing space, what would it look like?

Big windows. A fireplace. Built in shelves. A comfy couch.

8. Sushi or pepperoni pizza with extra cheese?


9. What book are you reading right now, and what is the best book you’ve read in a long time?

Reading now: Warrior by Nicole Jordan (a throwback to the ’90s) and The Master by Kresley Cole. Dream of Me by Josie Litton is best book.

10. How many full and partial manuscripts remain in your never-published collection?

1) First few chapters of French Scribe. 2) A partial manuscript of Secrets in Amber, a Viking romance started in 2012 and has only this year gone out on submission (so far no takers). 3) A hot and steamy contemporary novella, “Anything But Safe”, that I entered in an erotic contest years ago – it came in 3rd and I shelved it. I swore ABS would never see the light of day. Now, it’ll be part of the Kissables duology releasing in December.

11. Bob Dylan or Dylan Thomas?

Bob Dylan (I saw him in concert in Santa Barbara).

12. Name your favorite hero or heroine from one of your books, and share what made that character special.

I love Cyrus Ryland from The Lady Meets Her Match. He tried to fit into Society, but he was big and out of place, a commoner who eventually saw through ulterior motives.

13. Who was the first person – besides your mom and dad –   who told you that you could write?

Mrs. Miller, my 5th grade teacher.

14. Dogs or cats? Pedigree or mutts?

Dogs. Rescue mutts.

15. What is your favorite point while you are writing a new story?

I love when characters reveal deeper story issues. No matter how hard you try to plot those moments, characters are like friends who share themselves on their own sweet time.


GinaConkle_ToFindAVikingTreasure_HR 1A

To Find a Viking Treasure

By Gina Conkle



Brandr sliced the oars through water…back and forth, his body’s motion hypnotic and smooth. “Go ahead. Talk to me.”

The Viking could be a mystical warrior dressed in black against waning fog, his graveled voice working a kind of silken magic. Sun shined through clouds, the pearled orb anointing his head. Perhaps Odin did send Brandr to save the day.

Wraiths rose up from the channel as if to push them along. Did the Norse gods want them to succeed? She didn’t believe in Odin and his Valkyries, but the stories Vikings spun at night entranced her.

“You could tell me what you’ll do with your reward,” she said.

He snorted. “I said you could talk to me. Not the other way around.”

“That’s not how it works. People take turns talking and listening to each other. It’s called conversation.” She angled her head coyly. “Vikings can do it. I’ve seen it happen.”

Brandr squinted at tree tops rising above the mist. “Never been much for talk.”

“Your mouth never stops when trading jibes with me.”

His chuckle was raspy and low. “You have a way of loosening my tongue.”

To her shame, his laugh cut a scorching path through her body and her legs fell open under her skirts. Her knees were heavy, and she left them open.

“You’re a warrior long in service to Lord Hakan. Surely you’ll get a bigger reward than a handful of coins?”

His tarnished silver eyes pinned her. “Maybe I get you.”


To Find a Viking Treasure may be purchased through these online retailers: Amazon   |  B&N  | Kobo  |  iBooks   |  GooglePlay.



About Gina

Hi, I’m Gina Conkle, writer of Viking and Georgian romance. I grew up in southern California, and despite all that sunshine, I love books over beaches and stone castles over sand castles. Now my family, which includes my favorite alpha male, Brian, and our two sons, live in Michigan where I dabble in gardening (I grow organic tulips) and try my hand at cooking (which meant feeding Viking recipes to my family this last summer). If you’re looking for free guilty reads, check out my newsletter.

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6 thoughts on “Author Speed Dating – Gina Conkle”

  1. Hi Gina! Loved your answers to the speed-dating questions. Dana gives a great interview, doesn’t she? The excerpt was an intriguing teaser. But then, Vickings are definitely intriguining!

    Look forward to seeing you again Nov. 30, at the Girls’ Night Out in Novi!

  2. Hi Loralee! Dana does give great interview questions, and the speed date format made it fun. I made myself answer short and fast at home. When you’re in the hot seat to think fast and give quick answers, you really cut to the heart of things. Thanks for your sweet compliment about the excerpt. I look forward to seeing you too at Girls’ Night Out!!

  3. Are we soul sister? Most of your answers could have been mine, Gina! Sushi rocks! And I LOVED Cyrus!! Will miss seeing you all at Girls’ Night Out! Great except. I think it’s time for a Viking . . .

  4. Hi Nancy! No way!! Sushi?? We’ll have to get together over some sushi and talk life and books. I’m so glad you loved Cyrus. Thank you. Your compliment means a lot to me. You’ve accomplished much in your career. I look up to you. 🙂

  5. Oh my gosh Gina — call me sheltered but I didn’t even know that Viking Romance was a thing. Now I’ll have to check it out — particularly with the Viking recipes. I can’t even wrap my head around that concept. Great, fun interview.


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